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Corporate Identification Program

Corporate Identification Designs

Corporate Identification program including corporate identification design is absolutely necessary for high brand recall as well as for enhanced brand and corporate image. As such, I strongly feel that every company should have a Corporate Identification Program.  A well conceived corporate Identication program will result in a number of benefits as follows:

1. Developing of a strong brand and corporate image.

2. High brand recall with strong street and store presence.

3. Uniformity in design will lead to easy brand recognition

4. Build customer confidence

Company Identification Program is just a standardization of one or more of the various design elements like logo, color and style of writing. These standardized design elements which will be used in all company communications and whenever anything related to the company is printed for the company. Company Identification Program is necessary so that all the stakeholders of the company including customers see the company represented in a uniform and consistent manner everywhere. Company Identification Program will not only enhance the image of the company but also assist everybody to easily recognize the company’s offices and products. Company Identification Program is absolutely essential for building the brand.

(a) Logo
(b) Name of the company and brand
(c) Font
(d) Font sizes
(e) Colour (House colour)
(f) Space : Space here refers to the space to be allowed between different design elements.
(g) Signages
(h) Ofiice stationery including letterheads, visiting cards, envelopes.

Business Stationery

An important element of the corporate identification program is the development of Business stationery. Your Business stationery represents you to the world as well as to all your stakeholders. An impressive and properly designed Business stationery enhances the corporate and brand image

As you are all aware, nothing makes a business look more professional than well designed stationery including envelopes, business cards and letterheads. At Creative Design Studio, we understand how to design critical elements of your business stationery, apply the colors and style of font in a way that they create a lasting impression with everyone who sees it.

Corporate Identification Design Ideas

A few Corporate Identification program design ideas are given below.

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Visiting card designs Business card designs
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