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Creative Designing - The Process

The process for designing different pieces of advertising and promotional material would be slightly different. However, we are giving below the Creative designing process that we will adopt to develop your brochure design which should suggest to you how we would go about designing other pieces of your advertising and promotional material.

Step 1 - Review of Material

After receiving the brief as well as all the information including scanned images and other material from you, we will start working on the design. We will also ask for your preferences, if any, in terms of the size, colour and number of pages.

Step 2 - Feedback to customer

After receiving the above mentioned material, we will study it. In case, we have any doubts or need any clarifications, we will interact with you. If we need any other information, we will ask for the same.

Step 3 - Creative design options

We will then send you the creative design options for the cover of your brochure. The cover of the brochure is the most important page. The design and layout of the inside pages will depend on the cover page. As such, our effort will be to get your approval for the cover page first.

After we receive your comments on the cover designs sent by us, we will rework the designs or send you more options. The process will continue till you are satisfied with the cover design and give your approval.

Step 4 - Content Development

Simultaneously, we if we are also assigned to develop the content, we will work on the content development (copy). We will send the copy to you and work with you till the content meets your approval. Content approval takes maximum time as it has to be vetted thoroughly by all concerned.

Step 5 - Approval of Creative design

Once we get approval for the cover page and content, we will design the inside pages and send the same to you. At this stage also, we will incorporate your suggestions in the design and content till you are fully satisfied with the complete design.

Step 6 - Printing

We will either print the brochures for you or send you the original electronic file in the format desired by you by email so that you can print the same at your end. In case you would like the files in a CD or if we have to send the designs in a CD because the file size is large, we will courier the same to you. You will have to bear the courier charges.

At every stage of the brochure design development, we will incorporate your suggestions.

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