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Design Philosophy

Creative Design Philosophy

Every design created at Merx Equity's Creative Design Studio adhere's to the following creative design philosophy developed by Avinash Narula based on his extensive practical experience as a marketing, advertising and communication professional:

Keep it simple

Every design should be simple. Number of design elements used in a design should be limited.

Keep the message direct

The message in the headline and copy should be direct. Message conveyed in a direct manner is easy to understand.

Create white space

Create as much white space as possible in a design. Appropriate white space assists in focusing the reader on the key elements of the design and message.

Tell a convincing story

Every design and creative concept along with the copy should tell a convincing story. The story should be logical, sequential and focused.

Maintain consistency

Consistency should be maintained in the design and message unless a conscious decision is made to bring about a change.

Enhance positioning

Every creative design should support and enhance the established positioning of the product, service, brand and company unless a conscious decision is made to bring about a change.


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