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Graphic & Brochure Designing Services India – FAQs

1. What if I'm not satisfied with the initial creative designs?

Give us your input and suggestions. Tell us what you like and what you don't like in the creative designs presented to you. We will send you some more designs based on your input and suggestions. We assure you that we will work with you till you are satisfied.

2. Who owns the brochure designs or logo designs etc.?

Once the brochure designs or the logo designs are finalized and you have made the payment in full, the designs are yours in all respects.
3. How can I send the payment?
You can wire transfer the payment directly to our account. We will give you the details as and when it becomes necessary. We will start the designing work only on receipt of payment in our bank account.
4. Will it be a problem if I live in another city in India or in a different country?
Not at all. With the help of internet and email, we are able to serve our clients wherever they are located.

5. Can I get my ideas incorporated in the Creative design?

Sure. You can convey your ideas to us in a number of ways :
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Describe your ideas in words and email the same to us.
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You can make a simple rough scribble, scan it and email to us.
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You can talk to us over the phone.
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You can send us scanned images of brochures, logos etc. that you like. With this we will be able to understand your likes and dislikes in terms of colour, style and design. This will assist us in developing a unique design for you. Of course, needless to say, we will not copy anybody's design but use it to develop a design that is unique. In any case, even if you send us your ideas, we will also send you design options based on our own ideas to give you a wide choice.
We feel that the customer knows his business best. Some of the best designs we have culled were the result of listening to customer's ideas and interacting with him.

6. How can I view the creative design library?

There are two ways you can view the designs. First, you can view limited designs in our creative design library FREE. However, if you would like to view all the designs in the creative design library, you have to become a member for which there is a nominal fee.

7. How can I submit stock images to sell online from your website?

We will upload 20 images for you FREE. Additional images will be uploaded at a cost of Rs. 5/per image per year. You can send the images to us and we will load them on our website.

8. How will I benefit from uploading stock images on your website?

We do not charge any mandatory fee. You will deal directly with the other party. You will get to keep all the revenue. Also, there is no risk of misuse as you will keep the high resolution images with you. We will upload only low resolution images.
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