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Screen Printing Delhi & Noida

We provide screen printing services in Delhi & Noida. Screen printing on the other hand is a mechanical process. This type of printing is obtained by spreading and forcing ink through a stencil, a screen or a mesh of silk fabric. The first step of screen printing involves the stretching of the fabric tightly on the wooden frame. This is followed by stapling the fabric on a wooden frame. The screen frame is hinged to the baseboard. The ink or colour is then spread on the upper side of the screen and brought into contact with the paper placed below the screen on the baseboard. The colour is forced through the pores of the screen with a rubber squeegee, thus creating an image on the paper placed under it. The screen is then raised and the printed piece is removed. The action goes on repeating till the desired number of copies are printed. The images are obtained by depositing ink on paper placed under the frame.

With screen printing, you can print on all types of materials. It is commonly used for printing letterheads, visiting cards, invitation cards, envelopes and similar items. We have printed letterheads on offset printing when we wanted to print large quantities, that is, say in the range of 4000-5000. But people usually print letterheads in small quantities ranging from 100 to 1000 in which case screen printing is a more cost effective option. Similarly, business cards or visiting cards are almost always printed in small quantities with screen printing. It can be considered as a cheap printing method because it can make do without any expensive equipment. The prints can be colourful too. The number of colours is not the limitation. The amount of ink applied in screen printing is far greater than in offset printing which accounts for some of the unusual effects in screen printing.

Each colour printed is considered an impression. The more the number of the colours, the more the impressions and also the cost. Also, for instance in a letterhead, if you want something printed on the top as well as the bottom in the same colour, it will be counted as two impressions thereby catapulting the cost. This is because the two items to be printed are far from each other and will have to be printed separately.

This type of printing is suitable under the following circumstances.

  • Small quantity of print run: Small quantities can be printed cost effectively with screen printing. You want to print 100 visiting cards, screen printing is the printing process to go for. It is because of this reason that most stationary items like letterheads, visiting cards and envelopes are printed with this type of printing because you usually want them printed in small quantities. You can also print these items by offset printing but the quantities will have to be large to make the printing cost effective. Screen printing is cost effective for small quantities.
  • Short deadlines: Screen-printing can be done in a very short time. But in the case of large quantities, it becomes a slow process because it has to make do without high-speed machines.
  • All types of colours: This type of printing also facilitates the use of any colour – glossy or matt enamel paints, plastic colours, fluorescent paint and textile colours.
  • Over-printing: This is the only process where over-printing by light colour on dark colour is possible.
  • Inexpensive: All the materials used in screen printing are simple, inexpensive and easy to handle.
The following are the disadvantages of screen-printing :
  • Complicated designs: Screen printing is simply not cut out for designs which require high degree of accuracy and alignment
  • Large quantities: Printing larger quantities with screen printing is expensive as compared to offset printing
  • Visuals: Designs with pictures cannot be printed with screen printing unless the pictures are in line drawing.
  • Type of design : With screen printing you cannot print all kind of print jobs. First, you cannot print jobs with different gradation of colour. With screen printing you can only print solid colours. Second, it cannot print photographs as photographs have different gradation of colours. Third, you cannot print intricate and complicated designs because of alignment problems. If a number of different colours are to be printed right next to each other, you can expect problems with screen printing. This is because screen printing is a manual process. It is difficult to align different elements of designs very near to each other.

When you know that printing will be done by screen printing, you will have to design your advertising and promotional material in a manner which is suitable for screen printing. Also, you will have to ensure that the design does not require very precise alignment while printingLet me cite a personal experience. I wanted to print 20 half A4 size posters. Using offset printing to print these posters would have been very expensive. I developed the design in a manner that screen printing could be done and I printed the pin-up posters in half a day and at a fraction of the cost that offset printing would have cost me. Of course, if I want to print 2000 copies of these posters, it would be more economical for me to go for offset printing.

Apart from screen printing, Merx Equity provides offset and digital printing. Also, you can avail a wide range of graphic designing services for Brochure, Greeting card, Hoarding, Annual report, leaflet, business logo, catalog, Advertisement, Hoarding. Backdrop, Book, CD cover, catalog, trade show poster, flyer, Exhibition poster and Book layout.

In addition, we also provide copyrighting and content development services. Here you can also buy and sell images and creative designs

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