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INS Accredited Advertising agency Cost effective Design Solutions
INS Accredited Advertising agency
Cost effective Design Solutions INS Accredited Advertising agency

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Why us?

Advertising Agency

We are an Indian Newspaper Society, INS accredited advertising agency based in New Delhi, India. INS is the primary association of all leading publications (magazines & newspapers) in India.

Also, we offer Creative designs for a wide range of advertising collaterals including corporate brochures, company logos, annual reports, product flyers, hoardings, exhibition posters, banners, emailers, flash banners, magazines, company newsletters & advertisements.

Creative Design Samples

Creative Design Samples

We have developed a large number of designs over the years, some of which can be viewed as follows:

(a) Creative designs on our webpages

You can see creative design samples on the web pages of our website. We have shown a large number of samples which should build your confidence level in our creative designing capability.

(b) Creative design library

We have also catalogued our designs in our library of creative designs. We are using our creative designs for creative professionals to use as a means to get over their creative block. In addition, we are also offering our creative designs for sale. This should also convince you of our capability in creative designing. To know more click here.

Successful track record

Over the past 15 years, we have executed a large number of designs for our clients.

Creative workforce

We have an experienced creative and talented team. In addition, in India we have access to a large pool of creative as well as IT professionals, both essential for developing effective advertising and promotional material.

Expert guidance

Merx Equity is managed by Avinash Narula, a leading expert in the area of marketing, advertising and communication.

Incorporation of your ideas

We feel that you know your business best. As such, apart from giving you creative designs based on our ideas, we will also give you designs based on your ideas.

Cost effective Design Solutions

With a tremendous pool of inexpensive creative and IT professionals available in India, we can provide you cost effective design solutions.

Creative Design Portal

We are running a creative design portal offering the following:

(a) Creative design services for brochures, logos, annual reports, fliers, hoardings, backdrops, advertisements and more.

(b) Web Designing and development services.

(c) Creative designing articles

(d) Stock images library ( Buy images and sell images)

(e) Creative design Ideas (Buy creative designs and view creative designs)

The above suggests that we have a strong designing capability and a long term interest in the subject.

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Creative Design Samples

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